Financial Services

Whether you concentrate on products and services for banking, accounting, wealth management or insurance, eZnet ERP can help improve functional efficiency and raise productivity; it enables your staff to foster meaningful relationships with your clients while delivering an outstanding customer experience.


You can now organize partners and advertisers in one place. Launch targeted campaign modules to both customers and businesses and keep track of phone calls and deadlines while you manage your sales team by logistics.


All large and small retailers want to maintain customer relationships. eZnet ERP allows you to manage the back office, maintain the store front, and put in place the personal touches needed to acquire new customers and keep them.

Healthcare Sales

Organization in the healthcare field is vital, compliance requires predetermined process and growth is continually contained by ability to manage records. Streamline patient data collection and communication with eZnet ERP; align information so that it is available at every location and performs at maximum efficiency.


Stay on track with work orders, monitor real time inventory levels and maintain relationships with retail locations. Import existing lists and export a master list for monthly or yearly reporting. Audit production at one or more sites. ERP functions handle growth and complex requirements.


Build stronger connections with constituents, employees and colleagues while securing confidential records with substantial data storage. eZnet ERP is a fully customizable platform that allows you to categorize your network, keep personal information private, and maintain a public presence.

Product Range

Service Cloud

Provide dependable, adaptive experiences from anywhere, deliver immediate answers to customers and employees alike. Our eZNet Chat add on lets you offer an exceptional level of communication and service.

Small Business Cloud

eZnet ERP is ideal for small organizations, our cost effective model is efficient and includes all the functionality you need to run a successful business. Store your leads, customers and contacts while simultaneously creating sales orders and checking stock without ever switching programs.

Sales Cloud

Leverage our Sales Automation tools to qualify and gather leads, then convert them almost effortlessly while armed with data and timing. Define forthcoming strategies, supervise and foresee strengths and weaknesses, the use this information to give you the advantage you need to approach your target market.

Community Cloud

Plan campaigns, group customers, or reach out to start a discussion. Customers instantaneously connect with well targeted - and timed – content. Now a sales process can start with just with one click. Apply eZNet CRM features to help you connect in a meaningful way, make informed decisions and ultimately make more sales.